Iron Doorknob.png

This large size doorknob (the size of an iron) was probably one of the first to be designed by Jules Wabbes, before

the creation of General Decoration in 1969. It can be seen on a picture of the first showroom of the Mobilier Universel in Brussels. The Mobilier Universel was Wabbes’first company,

created in 1957. The doorknob can be fixed vertically or horizontally and on both sides of the door. The raw bronze is soft and smooth. It can be used outside by all-weather and gets a nice patina. These doorknobs can be seen at the Louvain-la-Neuve Library, now a museum. One was exhibited at the Bozar retrospective (2012).

Drawing Iron.png
Details Iron.png
Patera Doorknob.png
Oval Doorknob.png

Jules Wabbes designed several doors and cabinet knobs, particularly for his new company General Decoration in 1969. They add beauty, convenience, or effectiveness to a door and become like a jewel, heavy and strong that last forever. It is a signature for a house, an office, a shop. This bronze doorknob was conceived like a sculpture.

Patera Doorknob.png
Drawing Patera.png
Details Patera.png