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The round table was one of Jules Wabbes’s favorite creations. It was specifically designed for the house of a private client in Antwerp in 1966.
The thick tabletop is made of rectangular blocks of wenge (Millettia laurentii) glued together to form an end grain board. The palette of dark brown is wonderfully warm, sober, and subtle. It was inspired by a traditional technique of wood joint utilized notably for butcher blocks.
The stand is composed of five raw bronze cast elements screwed onto a central pentagonal shaft. Each element has a triangular, but curved, section whose three edges are polished, a subtle detail that lightens and emphasizes the structure.
A central table stand is most convenient, as none of your guests will experience the discomfort of being squeezed by an outside or lateral table leg.
This table was conceived as an homage to wood and metal. 

Designed, manufactured and assembled in Belgium.

Technical Sheet End Grain Table
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1500 to 2200 mm

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730 mm

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Stand: 100 kg

Tabletop: 90 kg

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Stand: Raw Bronze

Tabletop: Wenge