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Jules Wabbes founded General Decoration in 1969 in Brussels. GEDE has since then, for more than 45 years, manufactured and retailed metal accessories exclusively designed by Jules Wabbes. 

Our set of elegant and functional objects, essential to any interior, was designed by the Belgian designer throughout his career. This collection was part of his general vision for designing interiors as a refined and coherent ensemble. The only thing that mattered to Jules Wabbes was the sincere expression of quality in every details.

The level of craftsmanship and the use of the very best materials are the genuine signature of Jules Wabbes. Each GEDE accessory is handmade in metal – bronze, brass or steel – all materials favoured by Wabbes for their resistance and nobility. 

We are still producing each of his objects using the exact same materials he used, crafted in small quantities by artisans in Belgium.  Each GEDE metal object is then stamped to certify of its authenticity.

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