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Jules Wabbes was very much attracted by the genuineness of natural material like exotic wood or metal, particularly brass and bronze. Brass was already loved during the Roman Empire and in the Middle Ages in the Low Countries under the name of dinanderie because of its bright gold-like appearance. The alloy of copper and zinc is both flexible and solid. It can be folded, bent, and have a more or less brilliant gold or silver finish. Each ring of a wall lamp is shaped, dipped in a bath, and then polished before final manual assembly. Honeycomb lamps are thus assembled in a matrix before being welded, bathed, filled, and polished.


Time gives a beautiful and natural patina to the brass objects. 

The brushed and the polished finishes are varnished. However, if desired, we can offer an unvarnished version which will oxidise more quickly over time and will have an elegant patina as well. 

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