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For Wabbes, and above all, it was the

material that mattered. This 50-unit limited edition celebrates this passion that was his.


In the early 70ies Wabbes already acquired the marble from De Merbes Sprimont. This is the reason why we wanted to use that stone again, and most of all tell a Belgian story.

Production is limited to 50 pieces.

When Jules Wabbes was an antique dealer he transformed antique Chinese celadon vases into lamps. The early model of the hexagonal lamp was produced in ceramic. This is how he developed the light bulb fixing system and worked out the shades the lamp creates. He asked his pottery artist friend Antoine de Vincke a lamp stand in terra cotta. Jules Wabbes also designed the same lamp in travertine stone, and finally developed the raw and the polished bronze models in 1969.

We also used this particular marble as an alternative tabletop for our wenge wood and nickel-plated brass trestle.

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