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Jules Wabbes was very much attracted by the genuineness of natural material like exotic wood, brass, and bronze. Bronze is an alloy that contains copper and tin. It was used in antiquity and displays a patina that changes and varies with time. The lamp designed by Wabbes can be of raw bronze and utilised outside such as open air sculptures. The bronze can also be polished and appear as gold. The technique used here in a Belgian foundry is that of sand cast. A sand mould core is made for each ring. The magical moment, that the designer enjoyed particularly, happens when the molten alloy (1200 C) is taken out of the oven and poured into the mould. After the cooling and the removing of the cast, the ring appears red. It is then finished manually in different steps.

It is a very resistant material, with a beautiful colour that develops a patina over time, and it becomes golden when polished. Jules Wabbes was fascinated by noble materials and objects capable of withstanding the test of time.

All our bronze objects are made through sand casting by artisans in Belgium. They are available in a raw or polished finish. Traces, indentations, and slight variations may appear, which are remnants of the sand. This makes the object beautiful and unique.


When polished, it should be handled with gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on the surface. Gloves are provided for this purpose.


The polished finish can always regain its original shine after the oxidation process by cleaning it with a metal product such as Sivo.

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