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Caroline and Vincent Colet

Caroline and Vincent Colet, the Administrators of General Decoration.

For a few years now, we (Caroline and Vincent Colet) have been working to continue Jules Wabbes' work and carry it out just as he did in the past, down to the smallest details. We feel grateful to make all of this work accessible again.

In March 2014, we acquired the company GENERAL DECORATION from Marie Wabbes (Jules Wabbes' spouse) and her children. We then asked Marie Ferran-Wabbes (one of Jules Wabbes' daughters, who is also a childhood friend of Vincent) to join us in this adventure, to help us sort through the archives and create prototypes.

Vincent Colet was an antiques dealer, then worked as a publisher of contemporary objects, before reviving GENERAL DECORATION.

Caroline Colet graduated from the College of Art & Design (CAD) in Brussels, then worked as a set decorator in the film industry, before joining Vincent in Wabbes' universe.

Marie Ferran-Wabbes is an art historian and archeologist. She has published several books, travel guides and catalogues, including a monograph on her father's work.

Our work primarily involved rebuilding a network of craftsmen to continue producing the objects exactly as they were in the past. We did not want to change anything. Everything was remade in the same proportions, using the same materials and finishes.

We are proud to present products 100% made in Belgium and under the only official Wabbes licenses.

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