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Iron Door Handle and Door Pusher


This large door handle (the size of an smoothing-iron) was probably one of the first to be designed by Jules Wabbes, before the creation of General Decoration in 1969. It can be seen on a picture of the first showroom of Mobilier Universel (Wabbes' first company, created in 1957) in Brussels. The doorknob was utilised horizontally on a glass door. It can be fixed vertically or horizontally and on both sides of the door. The raw bronze is soft and smooth. It can be used outside by all weather and gets a beautiful patina with time. These doorknobs can be seen at the "Musée L", which used to be the Louvain-la-Neuve library. A doorknob was also exhibited at the BOZAR retrospective in 2012. After those first doorknobs, Wabbes designed several door and cabinet knobs, particularly for his new company, General Decoration in 1969. They add beauty, convenience, or effectiveness to a door and become like a jewel for the door. It's heavy and strong, and it lasts forever. It is a signature for a house, an office, or a shop.


SIDH1018 / LIDH2183 / SDP2209 / LDP2209

(excluding VAT)

From 750,00 €


Raw Bronze

Raw Bronze


Width : 117 mm / 4.60"
Depth: 57 mm / 2.24"
Length: 209 mm / 8.23"
Weight (Iron Door Handle): 2.80 kg / 6.17 lbs
Weight (Door Pusher): 1.80 kg / 3.97 lbs

Width: 154 mm / 6.06"
Depth: 80 mm / 3.15"
Length: 290 mm / 11.42"
Weight (Iron Door Handle): 7.40 kg / 16.31 lbs
Weight (Door Pusher): 5.20 kg / 11.46 lbs

Iron Door Handle and Door Pusher

Approximate Lead Time (number of weeks):


Payment Terms:

- Deposit. 50% to be paid with the order.

- Balance. 50% to be paid before delivery. 

Manufactured and assembled by hand in Belgium. 

General Decoration is the sole holder of the licenses and designs for the production of the original objects created by Jules Wabbes.


Jules Wabbes by General Decoration, the only original since 1969.

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