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Terms & Conditions

1. SCOPE OF APPLICATION. These general conditions of sale are systematically communicated to each Customer in order to allow it to place an order. As a matter of consequence placing an order implies the Customer’s full and unconditional acceptance of the general conditions of sale of GENERAL DECORATION SPRL, whereby the Customer waives henceforth any other conditions, among others those that would be printed on its own commercial documents.

2. ORDER. An order can only be cancelled or modified without our prior agreement in writing. An amount of 50% should be paid upon signature of the purchase order so as to validate definitively the order. In case of cancellation of the order, the down payment will remain with the company as damages.

3. DOWN PAYMENTS. The amount of the requested down payments is not to be considered as an estimate of all the amounts that might be incurred, especially under the assumption of additional requests of services. Depending on the progress of the requested works, working hours performed and/or costs incurred or still because of particular circumstances, one or several additional down payment(s) may be asked to the Customer, as soon as that paid previously would be spent.

4. COMPLETION DEADLINES. The supply or completion deadlines are merely indicative and cannot in any case give rise to a cancellation of the order, to damages or to an indemnity of any nature whatsoever.

5. PAYMENT. Any invoice is payable cash, upon receipt, unless otherwise explicitly specified in writing on the front of the purchase order or invoice. Any invoice not paid when due will bear ipso jure upon its maturity and without prior summons, conventional interests on overdue payment at the rate of 12% per year. In such case the amount of the invoice will ipso jure and without summons also be increased by 15% with a minimum of EUR 250 as fixed allowance. Requesting terms of payment does not prevent the application of this clause. The penalty clause remains due even in case of late payment of the amount in principal.

6. DUE DATE. In case of staggered or successive orders, the non-payment of a contractual instalment leads to immediate collectability of all other outstanding amounts.

7. DISPUTE. For want of detailed and motivated complaint sent by registered letter within 5 days following their date of sending, the invoices are reputed accepted and can no longer be the subject of a complaint.

8. OBLIGATION. GENERAL DECORATION SPRL will perform its mandate in a professional way according to the rules of the art. It can however not be bound in any way to an obligation to achieve a result.

9. RETENTION OF TITLE. All unpaid sold goods remain our property until full payment of all the outstanding amounts. No complaint will be admitted if the Customer has in one or the other way use the litigious goods.

10. NOTICE. Repetitive works are presumed to have been performed pursuant to an unwritten works contract that can only be broken with a three-month notice. GENERAL DECORATION SPRL continues the performance of the works during the notice period. Should the Customer continue the works, it will nevertheless have to pay the price agreed for the performance of the works until the end of the notice period, as severance payment.

11. WAIVER. Even if GENERAL DECORATION SPRL does not invoke any of these general conditions of sale at a specific time, this cannot be construed as a waiver to invoke one of said conditions subsequently.

12. JURISDICTION. The courts of Brussels have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute relating to the sale or request of services.

13. WARRANTY. Since we work with Belgian craftsmen, our products are CE certified. If necessary, we can include UL elements in the box but the whole product is not UL certified. Material to be placed by a licensed electrician, otherwise we decline all responsibility or guarantee.

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