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Fire Basket


These andirons were conceived like a basket or a grid of cast iron. They were designed for Wabbes’ new home after his wedding in 1960. Modern chimneys were smaller than traditional ones, hence the seemingly peculiar design and dimensions for that period. These andirons are very efficient at cradling logs and allow for a good airflow.

You will keep this item forever. No maintenance is required. Natural patina. Available in two sizes.



(excluding VAT)

From 2.850,00 €


Iron Cast

Iron Cast


Length: 445 mm / 17.50"
Width: 295 mm / 11.60"
Height: 140 mm / 5.50"
Weight: 30.00 kg / 66.14 lbs

Length: 755 mm / 29.75"
Width: 450 mm / 17.70"
Height: 140 mm / 5.50"
Weight: 60.00 kg / 132.28 lbs

Fire Basket

Approximate Lead Time (number of weeks):


Payment Terms:

- Deposit. 50% to be paid with the order.

- Balance. 50% to be paid before delivery. 

Manufactured and assembled by hand in Belgium. 

General Decoration is the sole holder of the licenses and designs for the production of the original objects created by Jules Wabbes.


Jules Wabbes by General Decoration, the only original since 1969.

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