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Fire Belt


The Fire Belt is handmade in iron and polished bronze, both materials preferred by Wabbes for their particular patina once regularly used and blackened by fire. Its design allows the piece to be adjusted in width (260-400mm), by simply gliding its two parts through the two buckles. This ingenious model describes an elegant curve around the fireplace. Its shape is directly inspired by the one of a regular leather belt. The model was created in 1969 for General Decoration.



(excluding VAT)

From 1.300,00 €


Iron Cast

Polished Bronze


Length: 280 mm / 11.00 in
Width: from 260 mm to 400 mm / from 10.25 in to 15.75 in
Height: 75 mm / 3.00 in
Weight: 5.40 kg / 11.91 lbs

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 14.02.14.png

Lead Time:

- Approximately 6 weeks for bronze

- Approximately 8 weeks for brass

Payment Terms:

- Deposit. 50% to be paid with the order.

- Balance. 50% to be paid before delivery. 

Manufactured and assembled by hand in Belgium. 

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